Jesus Resurrection Prophesy

Jesus, foreseeing his imminent death and resurrection, shared prophecies with his disciples. His foresight demonstrated a profound understanding of his divine purpose and demands our consideration.

Resurrection Appearances Time Line

Emerging triumphant over death, Jesus astounded his disciples with a series of post-resurrection appearances. Delve into the captivating timeline of his resurrection appearances, as we consider Jesus resurrected.

Resurrection Appearances

After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples multiple times, demonstrating his victory over death. These appearances affirmed his divinity and the promise of eternal life, inspiring his followers to spread his message across the world.

A Resurrection Harmonisation

The resurrection of Jesus is recounted in each gospel, each offering a unique perspective on the transformative event. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John present varying details, emphasizing diverse aspects of the resurrection. Exploring these accounts unveils a rich tapestry of spiritual significance and historical fact.